We protect the rights of the buyer when purchasing a defective :car, Motorcycle,Truck, Bus,Tractor.

Legal assistance, document management after purchasing a defective car

We have the legal and technical knowledge to help you get your money back from a rogue car dealer quickly.

Purchase and sale agreement template

Customer reviews (LT)

“Rekomenduoju šį kolektyvą. Jei perkant kitą automobilį kiltų tokių ir/arba panašių klausimų – nedvejodama kreipčiausi į juos”

“Rekomenduoju susisiekti su Autopretenzija. Pamatysite – bus naudinga.”

“Rekomenduoju Autopretenziją, nes ten dirba tikri savo darbo žinovai”

“Rekomenduoju Autopretenzija Konsultacijas, kaip patikimus, darbą išmanančius specialistus”

Yes. All you need to do is fill in the documents properly. Have the vehicle inspected by a workshop and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check the seller’s credibility. Avoid declaring the full amount and filling in the documents carefully. It is recommended to consult the Autopretenzija.

Purchasing a car from a Lithuanian natural or legal person would speed up the process of submitting procedural documents and receiving money faster.

Follow the instructions, which are provided on the page www.autopretenzija.lt/instrukcijos.